The digitals   (Bronze is my new love) Eve & Adam

inspiration Caravage Modul1:   Paperwork 

                 DAS AUGE GOTTES

contemporary sculpture

                                       ENSBA, Paris l'ame des models 

Paris, ENSBA, 2010 clay

THE FIRST KISS, Alabaster work, Volterra, Italy 2013

2010-2015 Sculptur work : Europe, Italy, France, Iceland, Austria & Germany

Ton(clay, terre), Gips(platre,plaster), Latex(rubber,silicon),BRONZE, analogue-photographie, alabaster(alabastre)

The Eyeborn

draw-clay model


Paris&Germany 2011

St. Thomas: Den Finger in die Wunde legen, finger in the your wound


rosa Marmor/pink marble/ marbre/


Salzburg-Untersberg, Austria 2012

Salzburg, Sugar City 2011

other Europe