Art in Childhospital, Freiburg i.Br., Germany


Perfect Moment
Inez Gitzinger, Ph.D.

There is something immaterial in music and painting that is opposite the rational, spiritual, mystical, non-being. The concrete non-being is impossible to describe but will mark the difference of our difference.
Monochrome go to extremes of non-being.

Color is an indispensable material for life. The re-animation of the empty space (the white room) is "the merit of the picture in the withdraw from being final" (Delacroix).
Reanimate in exhilaration of color the Monochrome picture found the state of the thing and not the history of it.

The Monochrome picture represent whole sensibility of representation/performance of immaterial, the difference, and represent the process and self awareness at the same time. The infinity.
There is no final material as well as an artist is always an artwork him/herself all time. An unknown sensibility: soul feeling without explanation.

Monochromes are the artist's jump from and in an emotional world at the same time.
The Monochrome is the projection of the myth into the collective imagination.
Monochrome is being truly free in space of transition thru color.
Monochrome is the perfect moment.

The power of emotions -confirmed by actual neuroscience- is responsible for our drive and do's. Emotional learning is seen as one of the best variants.
Conducting or controlling a pitch, the determination of a space thru one or more pitches is defined as composing,  painting a picture with one color or different pictures with more colors is defined as composing as well.

Monochromes' goal is the atmosphere of space and consequently the given space follows so the same pitch is followed by same silence.

Learning, Recognizing, Composing the rhythms will grow the color of rhythms to perfect moments.

Expose yourself to the exhilaration of color.
Than bond the color with one of the rhythmic cells

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